A healthy sweet tooth

Welcoming all the Sweetoholics!

So, I decided my first post to be about the constant struggle in my life – satisfying my sweet tooth without it affecting my weight. Now that’s a tricky one!

As much of a sweet lover that I am, the fact also is that I have easy weight-gain tendencies which require me to keep a check on my sugar intake and go days without having anything sweet. Talk about self-control!

So, for those boring days of my life when I can’t indulge in the sweet, sinful pleasures and when my sweet cravings kick in, I have to start looking for healthier alternatives. This is where the Almond-Date Balls recipe comes to my rescue.

This is a healthy snack that is super quick and easy to make. And gives a guilt-free satisfaction to your sweet tooth.  The only requirement would be to keep the intake amount  in check as overdose of anything gets you off track.

Because it’s all about the little pleasures in life while keeping it healthy!




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